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5th October 1999-10-28
President of Amnesty International
1 Euston Street London WC IX 8DJ

11 statements were received by our organisation from convicted women currently serving their sentences in penal colony no.6 in N.Tagil, Russia.
As you can see from the enclosed statements, on the 27th ofJulyl999 Ms Marianna Kazarova, the representative of your organisation, during her visit to the above colony carried out photography and filming without a permit to do so and against the will of the filmed and photographed women.
In addition to that she was noticed when she was trying to give to the prisoners objects that are not allowed to be given to persons who are kept in the penalty prison cells.
The women are fearing that the footage can become such footage obtained against their will can become public knowledge. As a result of such actions by your representative Ms Kazarova significant damage is done to the relationship established by our organisation with the administration of the Chief Directorate of Penal Services of Sverdlovsk region. During all this time we held free legal consultations in 5 colonies and 2 prisons in Russia which was solely for the benefit for the sentenced and the protection of their dignity and their human rights.
We think that this behaviour of Ms Kazarova is nothing short of the breach of human rights of the sentenced.
We are surprised and very sad that Ms Kazarova was acting on behalf of such a respected and world famous organisation, Amnesty International.
Hoping for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.

Yours sincerely
Vera Strebizh
Enc. Originals of the letters sent to us
by the imprisoned women in Russian



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